Samsung's answer to Google Glass might have appeared in patent

Samsung's answer to Google Glass might have appeared in patent
A patent awarded to Korean manufacturer Samsung, appears to show the tech giant's answer to Google Glass. The patent describes the device which Samsung calls "Earphone" in the documents. The earphone on the device is connected to a heads up display. This looks nothing like the drawing of the connected specs that Samsung patented in South Korea earlier this year. That design featured a sporty pair of lens with a camera in front and a cable that connects to a smartphone.

The newer sketch shows a device that strongly resembles part of Google Glass' heads up display. There also is a camera seen in the drawing. With this design, users would have a display to look at, and could also listen to audio. And back in March, Samsung patented a way to turn your fingers and palm into an AR QWERTY keyboard so that you can input text and numbers.

Earlier this year, there was talk that Samsung's smartglasses would be unveiled this coming September at IFA in Berlin.

source: Kipris (translated), (translated), SamMobile via Ubergizmo



12. jrod78414

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your power level is over 21000


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Where is tech taking us to?

8. gigaraga

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That looks promisingly awesome!~

6. vuyonc

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5 dollars they call it the Scouter LOL

7. vuyonc

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5 more dollars it reads power levels. Individuals AND groups :)

4. Warenward

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Never wore a bluetooth headset, and would definitely never wear that.

2. doejon

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looks like the scouter from dragonball :P

3. andonia2

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It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. mayur007

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my frd i thought the same thing but wrote b4 me ..

9. UglyFrank

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Beat me to it +1

10. techperson211

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Geiger scouter. Hehehe.

1. The13thKing

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As much as I like Samsung, I dislike Google glass and all similar devices. I just hope this stays as a patent only :/

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