Samsung's Shin Jong-kyun says "No compromise!" on the patent fight with Apple

Samsung's Shin Jong-kyun says "No compromise!" on the patent fight with Apple
Reportedly frustrated by Apple's offer to settle for rumored $5 to $15 per Android device in patent licensing fees, Samsung's Shin Jong-kyun said the company won't back down in the ongoing legal spat with Cupertino over patents.

"No compromise!", has been the exec's comment after a meeting that saw senior company managers gathered together for an undisclosed purpose. The meet could have very well been for discussing Apple's licensing deal offer, and Shin Jong-kyun, the head of the Telcommunications Department in Samsung, is apparently against any sort of a deal making.

Now it could all be just a bluff to kick the offer's tires and try and lowball Apple's lawyers into a more reasonable settlement request. Or Samsung's exec might think they have a good chance to overthrow the patent infringement lawsuits in court, and save the company $5-$15 per handset. 

If Samsung agrees to pay that, on top of the licensing fees it is already paying Microsoft for its Android handsets, the little green robot will obviously no longer come free of charge, and that could shift the sands in unpredictable direction.

source KT via electronista


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