Samsung's 10nm chipset process gets official in the foundry roadmap

Samsung formally adds 10nm FinFET in its foundry’s process roadmap
Samsung is currently at the forefront of mobile processing with its 14nm FinFET production method that outed the scorching fast Exynos 7420 in the S6. It is not resting on its laurels, though, and just added the 10nm FinFET process in the foundry roadmap, announcing it officially in the video below.

The announcement might have something to do with TSMC's unveiling of risk trial production for 10nm chips that is supposed to happen this year, and Samsung  would want to prevent potential customers flocking to TSMC for their 10nm needs. Samsung plans on expanding its 14nm capacity, however, and hasn't announced any change of schedule for the start of its own 10nm lines, which was originally set for the end of next year. Back in May, however, the System LSI division showcased the first 10nm wafers in a highly unusual move, likely aimed at giving a pause to big customers like Apple, before they commit to TSMC for the development of their next-gen chipsets. 

The 10nm process, as with every die shrink of this magnitude, will introduce a 20% increase in peak clock rates, and a whopping 40% decrease in power consumption, all in the same footprint, and that's what the race is all about, so next year's mobile silicon race is shaping up to be even more exciting than this show season.

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