Samsung users, what resolution do you have your Galaxy flagship set to?

Samsung users, what resolution do you have your Galaxy flagship set to?
Over the past 3 years, the topic of the super-sharp QHD (1440 x 2560) resolution on smartphones has been a divisive one. Some people say it's overkill and makes no difference on a 5” – 5.5” screen, others swear that they can see the finer detail and, naturally, bring up VR as an argument for needing a super-sharp resolution.

Finally, Samsung said “To each their own” and just gave users three choices of resolution — HD (720 x 1080), FHD (1080 x 1920), and QHD (1440 x 2560). The best part about this is that no matter which setting you go for, the phone will always auto-switch to QHD if you happen to put it in a Gear VR set for some VR adventures.

The option is available on the newest flagships — Galaxy S8 and S8+ (with the + moniker due to the 18.5:9 ratio), the older S7 and S7 edge, as well as the still-not-retired Galaxy Note 5. So, if you own any of those, you have that option, congrats! What do you have it set to?

What do you have your Samsung Galaxy's resolution set to?

QHD(+) all the way!
FHD(+) strikes a good balance for me
HD(+) is good enough, I don't see what all the hubbub is about
Eh... there's an option to change resolution on my phone? Where's that one?


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