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Samsung tops Apple in smartphone revenue for Q1

Samsung tops Apple in smartphone revenue for Q1
When it comes to profiting from smartphone sales, Apple remains on top. But look further up the P/L sheet to revenue and you'll find that for Q1, Samsung brought in more smartphone related revenue than Apple did. The Korean based Samsung took in $23.62 billion from smartphone sales from January through March. That was a gain of $952 million from the fourth quarter of 2012, when Apple overtook Samsung in revenue. Apple's top line showed iPhone sales of $22.95 billion for Q1, a drop of $7.71 billion sequentially. The change in position was attributed to heavy demand for Samsung's LTE enabled top-shelf models.

With $3.64 billion in first quarter smartphone sales, Nokia was third, followed by LG's $2.95 billion in smartphone revenue. LG was helped during the period, by strong sales of the LG Optimus G.

When it comes to operating income ratio, Apple is on top. This is a quick and dirty way to see which company is making the most money for each dollar of revenue. Apple's ratio was 31% followed by the 21.8% earned by Samsung.

source: YonhapNewsAgency via BGR
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