Samsung to channel the “Voice of the Body” at media event today

Samsung to channel the “Voice of the Body” at media event today
Samsung has been putting forth considerable effort touting the S Health features on its line of Galaxy smartphones, in particular, the new Galaxy S5 which also features a heartbeat sensor.

This year, we also saw Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Fit join the line-up which connect to the Galaxy smartphones to tally activity data and even motivate you if you are out for a jog or on a bike ride.

S Health is not going anywhere soon on Samsung’s devices and it looks like the company is getting ready to double-down on the health features currently available and maybe add a few angles to the mix. Dubbed “voice of the body,” promoting the #VOTB and its Twitter account, @voiceofthebody, Samsung will be making some new announcements today related to its health monitoring initiatives.

We know that there will not be any new hardware introduced, so we will be listening closely to how the company will be steering its focus in the health space in general and how it will impact existing or upcoming apps and products. We will be at Samsung’s “Voice of the Body” media event and share the news of what tricks Samsung has up its sleeve.



1. Yaldabaoth

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No Ron Geesin & Roger Waters? Not interested!

2. Commentator

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I was kind of hoping for Jesse Ventura myself...

5. sriuslywtf

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I was hoping for Ace Ventura myself...

3. 0xFFFF

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Samsung, having recently re-affirmed our strategic partnership with Google and their friends the NSA, is putting a major effort into gathering more data on your health, your habits, your exercise, basically everything we can. This data will ensure stock price stability, consistent profits, and overall growth of Samsung corporate interests. Samsung will be holding a number of workshops throughout the world on how to make sure you've locked your bootloader and make sure your phone is firmly in the control of Samsung/NSA/Google, thereafter referred to as "SNG" and branded to the public as "Samsung the Next Generation".

4. 0xFFFF

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Bad form to comment twice, but the news from the Voice of the Body is out: "Samsung's Simband hardware and healthcare platform aim to track your every move" "Its new platform, which was outlined today, mixes both hardware and a cloud backend for sensor data that the company says will improve wearable devices and the health data that's gathered."

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