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Samsung tips the Note 8 dual camera features: 3x Smart Zoom, Super Night Shot and Dual Fusion


Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the subsidiary that is in charge of the company's mobile camera modules, has recently posted an intriguing section on its website, extolling the virtues of its dual camera modules. Given that Samsung is still to announce a phone with one, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 8  is said to come with a dual camera set, the features listed here might be what the Note 8 will bring to the table. Moreover, the titles of the pictures that showcase the dual camera goods begin with "highend_camera_module," and what's more high-end for Samsung looking forward, than its flagship Note 8 phablet.

In any case, those pictures don't show much more than what we already know a dual camera set is supposed to bring - merging, refocusing and depth of shield shenanigans, low light prowess, and some zooming abilities - but the devil is in the details. Samsung calls those options Dual Fusion, Depth Application, Super Night Shot and Smart Zoom, and the supplied samples look pretty svelte (it's a marketing material, after all). The most interesting one seems to be Smart Zoom, as it depicts a dual camera module that is capable of 3x "optical" zoom - perhaps via a combination of telephoto and wide-angle lens, like on the iPhone 7 Plus, which does 2x zoom in this manner. 

Samsung patented an optically-stabilized dual camera system capable of 3x zoom not long ago, and the Note 8 is expected to have a 12MP telephoto lens and a 13MP wide-angle set to improve low-light performance, for 3D-mapping, and distance measurements. That's literally the module that Samsung Electro-Mechanics is describing here, so what you might be looking at in the slides above, is the first glimpse of the Note 8's dual camera technologies. 

source: Samsung via Droidholic
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