Samsung tells all about the Galaxy S on YouTube

Samsung tells all about the Galaxy S on YouTube
Don't know a Galaxy S from your elbow? Think that a Super AMOLED screen is a disguise worn by a crime fighting hero? If you know nothing about the Android handset that each of the top 4 U.S. carriers will be offering, check out the video below. Produced by Samsung, the YouTube vid shows off each of the four Galaxy S variants for AT&T (Captivate), T-Mobile (Vibrant), Verizon (Fascinate) and Sprint (Epic 4G). Sprint's device is actually a version of the Galaxy S Pro which includes a landscape sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung shows off the Super AMOLED screen on the phone, and why shouldn't they? Not only do the colors pop with this technology, and the 4 inch screen is usable in direct sunlight, but Samsung seems to be able to produce just enough of the display for its own use. Other features that are shown include the Swype keyboard, the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and the ability for the handset to support social networks.  Now you can talk the language of the Samsung Galaxy S. Who knows, you might end up tempted to put one in the palm of your hand.

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source: YouTube via AndroidGuys


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