Samsung talks about its Android phones

Samsung talks about its Android phones
As you know, Android continues to be a hot topic and everybody tries to squeeze every possible bit of detail on future projects, involving the operating system. So far, it is known that Samsung plans to deliver at least three phones running on Android by the end of the year. Fortunately, the leading manufacturer has spoken on the matter, informs Forbes. Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, vice president of product strategy at Samsung’s mobile division, has said that the first Android phone of the company is scheduled to launch in June, but probably outside the U.S. However, things won’t go so bad for U.S. handset worshippers, since the next two devices seem to be intended to hit American soil. The source presumes that the carriers to offer the phones may be no other but T-Mobile and Sprint, because so far they are the only carriers in the U.S. to have joined Google’s Open Handset Alliance.

The only bad news is that the two handsets designed for the American market will possibly hit the shelves no earlier than sometime in the second half of the year. Well, it could be worse, actually.

source: Forbes

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