Samsung shows off Premium Suite for the Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung shows off Premium Suite for the Samsung Galaxy S III
You know all those features that you've seen on the Samsung GALAXY Note II and the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 that you want so badly for your Samsung Galaxy S III that you're green with envy? Eventually, it will be made available via Samsung's Premium Suite for the Samsung Galaxy S III, but not before your device gets Jelly Bean (sorry, Verizon owners).

Samsung went through the trouble of producing a multi-part video and we happen to have part one to show you below. The Premium Suite update is broken into some main parts with the first being Contextual Awarenes. Under that heading, we have Page Buddy. This is a feature that someone should have thought of before. You can set your phone to recognize when the earphone jack is in use and have your phone automatically go to your music. The Contextual Menu will allow you to see the most frequently used apps first, and with the Contextual Tag, photos are tagged with the date, located and weather.

Enhanced Features include Multi Windows, a multitasker's best friend. Two apps can be run on the screen which is split into two equal windows. Turn the Auto Share Shot mode to on and share photos and videos by tapping other devices that support NFC and S-Beam. Reader Mode lets you more easily control the size of the text on your phone and share it. Lastly, the Facebook Lock Ticker lets you view your Facebook news feeds on your lock screen.

How could the Samsung Galaxy S III get any better? The Premium Suite is the answer. Check out the video below by clicking on the play button. Remember, this is only part I of the videos.

source: Samsung via AndroidCentral

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