Samsung seeks to recapture the top spot in Taiwan's smartphone market during the second quarter

Samsung seeks to recapture the top spot in Taiwan's smartphone market during the second quarter
Next quarter, Samsung could return to the top of the smartphone market in Taiwan. Sources in local retail channels are saying that the performance of the manufacturer's mid-range models are key to where Samsung ranks entering the third quarter in Taiwan. While the Galaxy J series has been selling like hotcakes, that is not the only line that Samsung has nailed. The mid-to-high-end Samsung Galaxy A series is providing outstanding customer experience for the price.

Add to this the expected launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship late in the April-June time period, and you have a company that could be running on all cylinders as Q2 comes to a close. The only thing that Samsung might be concerned with is any lingering concern about the batteries exploding following the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Samsung recently reported the results of its investigation, which blamed the batteries for the phablet's explosions. Samsung also has started an 8-point battery safety check to make sure that its new models don't run into a similar problem with the batteries inside each phone.

Samsung is aiming for a 40% share of the mid-rage market in Taiwan. If it can hit that bogey, Samsung should be able to rank on top of the smartphone sales charts in the country for the second quarter and perhaps beyond.

source: Digitimes



1. Billajr

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Who gives a sh%t about Taiwan what about USA.

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So who is number 1?

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