Samsung renews its rugged series with the Xplorer

Samsung renews its rugged series with the Xplorer
Some people just can’t stick with the same phone long enough. They would submerge it, hit it or eventually drop it. It doesn’t actually matter if it’s because of carelessness or something else; once your handset has hit the streets… literally, it’s usually too late to regret it. However, there is one thing these users can do – they can check out the newest rugged phone by Samsung, the Xplorer (aka B2100). Although being very similar in design to the B2700, which we have closely examined in our review, the new device lacks 3G and is a bit smaller in size. Still, the Xplorer has obtained a lot funkier look, thanks to the vivid red elements of the body. So, what is it all about? It has an IP57 certificate protection (the B2700 has IP54), which means that you can take this “bullet-proof” handset up to one meter deep in the water and leave it there for about 30 minutes, which is a great achievement by comparison with the B2700, which would resist only water sprays. After this, it should maintain its functionality intact. If you live in areas with even harsher climate, have in mind that the Xplorer will also resist temperature shocks, blowing rain and salt fog. A real survivor, isn’t it? Expect it to be launched in Germany and other European countries, starting April this year.  Sadly, there is no information about a U.S. release, but since it is a quad-band GSM, it would be usable all over the world.

Samsung Xplorer Specifications

source: Samsung

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