Samsung reducing its Galaxy S4 parts order for next quarter by a third

Samsung reducing its Galaxy S4 parts order for next quarter by a third
Just as we heard before, Samsung is indeed reducing its parts orders for the flagship Galaxy S4, after "tempering" investors' expectations on their sales predictions.

The sources confirmed once again that Samsung has issued order forecasts on the lower range for this quarter, 20-25 million instead of 25 million firm, and has lowered the forecast for next quarter from 30 million units down to 20 million. 

Previously analysts predicted that Samsung will sell about a hundred million S4s by the time the S5 is rolled out everywhere, which would be double the SIII sales for the same period. Now this number might have to be revised down, as the truth is that the flagship niche is glutted now, and Samsung doesn't have the ultimate edge before the competition it used to just a year ago.

It is evidently aware of that, said to be planning a huge redesign for next year, and also attacking the midrange segment, where all growth is expected to be in the next few years, from all sides. When you count all those Aces, Ys and Note family members Samsung is selling, though, the prediction for next quarter is 70 million handsets sold, which is pretty breathtaking by any measure.

source: Digitimes

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