Samsung ranks as the preferred Android brand for Americans

Samsung ranks as the preferred Android brand for Americans
Various figures and sales numbers have so far shown that Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the US. 47% of smartphone users stateside have picked Google’s platform, a study by iGR now added more clarity about just how popular Android is. The platform is followed by Apple’s iOS which ended up on 24% of US smartphones.

Samsung, the biggest smartphone maker as of Q3 2011, scores unsurprisingly the highest in brand preference. Motorola, HTC and LG followed, while Chinese makers like Huawei and ZTE ranked at the bottom of the list, but that’s probably partly due to the low number of handsets they sell stateside.

Interestingly, the choice to buy an Android device rather than any other smartphone, was an informed one for a huge chunk of consumers. 45% of Android users did some research before voting with their dollar and specifically picked Android.

Google’s reputation is another factor fueling Android sales as 27% of users considered Google’s reputation when buying an Android smartphone.

Now, this recent Holiday quarter might have stirred things up a bit, and we’re looking forward to the actual sales number, but the study results are nonetheless interesting. It claims to base its findings on 2011 US smartphone sales data, and relies on profiling the Android user as well.

Which Android brand do you find as the easiest to trust and most reliable? Chime in with your opinions in the comments below.

source: iGR


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