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Samsung puts out two more anti-iPhone ads

Samsung puts out two more anti-iPhone ads
Hey, it feels like it’s been days since we last saw Samsung put out a new ad targeting iPhone owners, but the Korean smartphone manufacturer wants to make it up to you by putting out two of them this week. Those of you who saw the first 90 second video that Samsung put out will recognize much of the footage, although both ads have some new stuff and are cut together to provide somewhat different messages.

The first one plays up the supposed jealously angle, showing off the intrepid line-waiters for a new iPhone 5 getting bit by the envy bug when they see two Galaxy S3 users sharing via Android Beam S-Beam. The 30 second spot feels very much in line with the original series of videos Samsung put out last year, as they attempt to convince potential purchasers that their phones are more feature-rich than the iPhone.

The second video takes a new tact, one that was hinted at in the 90 second video released last week, playing up and extending the scene where a happy GS3 owner saves a spot in line for his parents. Rather than doing a direct comparison of features it not-so-subtly plays up the image of iPhone owners as out of touch and not tech-oriented. The iPhone is nothing if not “cool” in the U.S., so using humor to try and turn Apple’s strength into something of a weakness is a clever strategy, although we doubt it will really serve to convince anyone who is an Apple fan.

But then it’s not clear that Samsung has been targeting Apple with these videos – they seem instead to be trying to corner the market on people who want a phone other than the iPhone, and frankly they’ve been doing a pretty good job of that over the last 18 months.


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