Samsung purportedly working on a foldable tablet

Samsung purportedly working on a foldable tablet
Do you know what is better than a foldable smartphone? A foldable tablet. According to one source, Samsung might give us just that. And it might do so very soon, as well.

Samsung is the king of foldables. The Korean tech giant dominates the market and commands a staggering 74% market share. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the most popular foldable smartphone ever, with it single-handedly accounting for more than half of all foldable smartphone sales in 2021.

Ever since foldable screens made their debut, Samsung has been on the forefront of the novel technology. Foldables are the first major conceptual challenge to the smartphone form factor that was established by the first smartphones like the original iPhone (i.e. glass slabs with big screens).

Nevertheless, the innovation seems to be stagnating. Currently, we have two major takes on foldable technology. One attempt to be a spiritual successor to “phablets” (i.e. devices that can serve as both smartphones and tablets). Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold aim to act as smartphones when folded, and tablets when unfolded.

The second twist on the foldable form factor is the clamshell-style design. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip embodies the latter concept perfectly. It is a normal smartphone when unfolded, but can be folded for maximum portability.

So we have foldables that are small and can become big (like the Fold) and foldables that are small and can become smaller (like the Flip). But do we have foldables that are big and can become even bigger?

Samsung appears to be working on just that. According to prominent tipster IceUniverse, Samsung is currently developing a foldable tablet. This information was originally shared in a post on Weibo. According to the leaker (whose track record concerning Samsung is near-perfect) a Galaxy Tab Fold could make its debut alongside the Galaxy Tab S9.

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While we are eagerly waiting for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 to see more of the same, it would be interesting to wonder what could come with the Galaxy Tab Fold. Now that is one event I look forward to much more.

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