120Hz at 1440p coming to the Galaxy S20 series according to latest leak

120Hz at 1440p coming to the Galaxy S20 according to latest leak
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series is one-upping its predecessors in almost every aspect: from batteries and cameras to memory speeds. But one thing that got tech enthusiasts really excited is the 120Hz refresh rate of the new displays.

Unfortunately, the new feature came with a condition: you can only use the 120Hz mode when the resolution is set to 1080p rather than the full 1440p. Surely, that’s not a problem for the average person. But power users want to have everything set to the max when paying top dollar for their product. Limiting the resolution is like only being able to drive your convertible sports car at 50mph when the roof is down.

Well, if you’re the type of person that wants it all, we have some good news. And by news we mean a rumor. Coming from XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach once again, in the form of a Tweet.

According to him, Samsung is working to bring 120Hz at full resolution to the Galaxy S20 series. The time-frame for that is still blurry, but Max says the expectation is between 1 and 3 months “if all goes well”. Even at 3 months, that’s still a somewhat quick response.

It seems Samsung is well aware of the needs and wants of its userbase and although it doesn’t always cater to them (RIP headphone jack) it’s at least making efforts in some regards.

What’s also interesting is that the limitation comes on the software side. The display itself and the chip that drives it are apparently perfectly capable of delivering the 120Hz at any resolution.

This also means that the Galaxy Note 20 (20+?) should come with 120Hz at Quad HD straight out of the box.

We’re always glad to see new features coming via updates after release. Hopefully, this information is true and users will get to have their pie and eat it too.

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