Samsung posts extended version of Galaxy S III ad

Samsung posts extended version of Galaxy S III ad
Are you still waiting for a chance to get your Galaxy S III? You aren’t alone, since Samsung appears to have underestimated demand on the device by a couple million units, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to continue to ratchet up the marketing campaign to try and drive even more demand. To further that end, Samsung has released an extended two-minute cut of their “Designed for Humans” ad campaign, which we’ve posted below for your viewing pleasure.

The first half of the ad consists of footage that will familiar to anyone who has watched past Galaxy S III commercials, but we were surprised at how much new footage they managed to pack into the latter portion of the video. At this point we’re not sure how much more hyped consumers can get over the device, but watching Samsung’s panoply of touching moments driven by smartphones is certainly more entertaining than fidgeting anxiously as you await news of shipping dates slipping back from your carrier.


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source: SAMMY Hub

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