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  • Samsung hits back claiming the return rate of the Galaxy Tab is 2% rather than 16%

Samsung hits back claiming the return rate of the Galaxy Tab is 2% rather than 16%

Posted: , by Alex I.

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Samsung hits back claiming the return rate of the Galaxy Tab is 2% rather than 16%
Not one or two thinkers have said that every thing we think and see is nothing more than a perception of the brain, and yet, there is a fine line between what's real and what's not. However, two disputes related to Samsung are blurring this line a bit, so judge for yourselves.

First, it was the controversy whether Samsung has sold 2 million Galaxy Tab units, or it has merely shipped 2 million Galaxy Tab units to retailers and carriers.

Now the Korean manufacturer is in the midst of another dispute - it was widely reported that the return rate of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is 15-16%, which, if true, undoubtedly proves that the iPad is standing its ground.

It didn't take long before Samsung responded through its official blog, claiming these figures are pure fiction and the return rate is "below 2%," (which is similar to the iPad's return rate):

"The return rate of the Galaxy Tab in the US as claimed by an North American marketresearch firm is incorrect. According to Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business, the return rate is below two percent."

The official response from Samsung makes a world of difference, since a return rate of 2% will mean one thing, and a return rate of 16% completely the opposite. Which version seems more likely to you?

via Samsung Tomorrow and UnwiredView

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posted on 04 Feb 2011, 10:49 1

1. DJLegacy2k5 (Posts: 212; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

16% seems ungodly high for any basic tablet. If people are happy with that featureless iPad I cant see how 16% of Tabs are getting returned. I have taken 0 returns on the Tab in my current store.

posted on 04 Feb 2011, 13:22

2. DJ (unregistered)

Probably because the quality of Apple is better then samsung because I know samsung makes things that are well not always real high quality I know I would buy a Apple over a samsung because of the quality for one and there is other things too

posted on 04 Feb 2011, 14:10

3. achilles (Posts: 54; Member since: 27 May 2010)

Does anyone viewing this page actually know someone who currently owns one?

posted on 04 Feb 2011, 14:43

4. ibap (Posts: 780; Member since: 09 Sep 2009)

I'm not interested in one tied to a cell carrier, so I'm waiting. But I always wonder where people get this kind of data. And is it carrier dependent as well?

posted on 04 Feb 2011, 16:25

5. jayme (Posts: 36; Member since: 10 Jan 2011)

I own a Galaxy tab, so heres the skinny....

1) it has a flash player, iPad does NOT

2) it has thousands of free apps through the market place, iPad does NOT

3) the high quality screen and graphics are phenominal.

4) I can carry it in my coat pocket, I know you cant do that with the iPad!

5) no contract required, Admittedly I got itfor my girlfriend to use at school in lieu of hauling her laptop around and possibly damaging it. An iPad would negate this feature.

6) And most importantly.....I dont need a fucking Apple computer to sync my tab and download my content like music andmovies, pics and soforth.

Seriously people wake up. Apple is the new/old Microsoft, everything you purchase from Apple requires you to purchase more from Apple to utilize it. This, my friends, is why Droid OS is taking over so quickly. Google dosent want you to pay for anything you dont want to and they have no problem giving you the experince you paid for when you bought thier product. If you want Apple, get it. Ill keep my Droids, all three of them, thanks.

posted on 05 Feb 2011, 01:11

6. pud (unregistered)

newsflash: you dont need and never have needed a Mac to activate or sync an ipad, iphone, or ipod. incase your droid infected mind force closed on your like your tab did, itunes is available on pc's too.

posted on 05 Feb 2011, 21:40

7. achilles (Posts: 54; Member since: 27 May 2010)

Jayme has valid points. I-Tunes is needed to get data on and off the I-pad, while with Android you can use USB mass storage. Also with Android, you can video call to all cell phone devices across all carriers, and not just I-phone to I-phone. Android gives you the option to increase your storage with a microSd card, while Apple doesnt. Flash video support is also a big plus. It's not the I-phone, but Apple's restrictive attitude which is causing tension between people who want an open system vs a closely controlled one such as Apple.

posted on 13 Mar 2011, 17:44

8. shet (unregistered)

hmm. i personnal owned a ipad and galaxy tab. just got my tab about 3 weeks ago.. its pretty amazing i would say. compare to the ipad.. the thingy that i like most is able to run flash program.. thats mean i can run a lot of facebook game using my phone... although making phone call seems to be a bit of a problem... i need to have a bluetooth headset / or wired headset in order to have a private conversation with whomever called me.... but it not rather a big problem... i dont mind using the speaker phone to chat... haha... nothing to hide also..:)

back to topic.... i can easily transfer file like movie, songs, to my tab using the microsd card or even just usb connect to any pc...but if i want to use my ipad to transfer file... i would need to use itunes and sometime.. its really pain in the a** to use it.... if u have one account or one device in itune.. i think it should be easy/// but what happened if u have 3 differences device all using the same itune on the pc.... thats the part which i dont like.... i have 2 iphones and one ipad.. and sometimes..when i sync/.... all three device will get messed up...

Ipad is a great device, but if u let me choose whether which is better.... ipad or tab....I would strongly say that tab is better........

posted on 27 Jun 2011, 18:30

9. suckmyd*ck (unregistered)

let's get it straight peeps... SAMSUNG MAKES APPLE'S processor - you know the one thing that makes it run... you can condemn everything Samsung does but, the bottom line at the end of the day, Samsung helps build the Apple iPad and the iPhone. Apple buys more than just the chip processor A4 from Samsung.

You want to say Samsung is no good, fine... that means Apple is no good because they build all their products with Samsung manufactured goods - the same ones Samsung uses for their products.

Get over yourself!!

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