Juicy leak reveals the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price before the announcement date

Juicy leak reveals the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price before the announcement date
Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is one of the more highly-anticipated smartphones for the second half of 2018. As always, we expect Samsung's top-tier phablet to be packed to the brim with cutting-edge hardware. Additionally, some rumors have suggested that the proprietary S Pen stylus would be getting a huge upgrade, but it's still a bit mysterious as to what it might be.

Of course, one of the big questions looming over the Note 9's launch is "How much will it cost?". Recently, smartphone manufacturers have been pushing the boundaries of the premium segment's price point, and some users are legitimately concerned we might be seeing a break of the $1k threshold.

However, an alleged leak from Samsung Poland might lay those worries to rest. Reportedly, Samsung is already organizing meetings and training sessions for their teams so that they can be armed and ready to sell the phablet as soon as it hits store shelves. Polish tech blog Spider's Web has a source that has been at one of said meetings and they revealed the pricing for the next Note.

Reportedly, the standard version of the Galaxy Note 9 (128 GB memory, 6 GB of RAM) will cost zł4,299, which translates to €990. Converting that to US dollars and removing the 20% VAT, which is a part of EU pricing, we get $960.

This falls in line with our own predictions for the Galaxy Note 9's price — we do believe that Samsung will match the price of the Note 8 and not push its luck going beyond the $1k mark.

The source also reaffirmed some previous rumors. The S Pen will have Bluetooth connectivity, though, we still don't know what for. The Note 9 will launch in Black, Blue, and Purple, at least in Poland (and probably in the EU). This means that the previously leaked Gray and Brown colors will either be region-specific or some sort of limited editions, if they end up being made at all.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be officially announced in less than a month — on August 9th, at the Samsung Unpacked event. It won't be launching immediately, however — as per the rumor mill, the handset will land in stores on the 24th of August.

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