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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold expected to rock a triple camera setup

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold expected to rock a triple camera setup
This is how the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is expected to look

Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone, known as the Galaxy F or Galaxy Fold, is one of the most anticipated devices of 2019. There have been plenty of speculations regarding the device and Samsung even showed us a thoroughly masked prototype of it a couple of months ago.

Now we’re getting some insights into the possible camera setup of the foldable phone. According to reports coming from Samsung’s homeland and delivered by SlashGear, the ultra-premium device is expected to come with the triple camera setup that’s already been assigned to the Galaxy S10+ (there are rumors that put four rear cameras on the plus, but that seems unlikely right now), the third lens being an ultra-wide angle one.

While that makes perfect sense, some might wonder “If it will be so expensive, why not put the most cameras a Samsung phone already has?”, meaning the four-camera setup of the Galaxy A9. While there’s no definitive answer to that, we can assume that even Samsung thinks four cameras are overkill and the A9 was just a “because we can” thing.

There’s no mention of the “internal” camera setup that should accompany the foldable 7.3-inch display which is perfect for video calls. We’ve already seen in leaks that the Galaxy S10+ will have a bean-shaped hole in the display, housing two front-facing cameras, so it’s not unlikely that we’ll see the same on the Galaxy F, considering how compact that setup is.

We hinted a couple of times that the foldable phone will be an expensive one, but how expensive exactly? Well, nobody knows for sure, but experts speculate that we might see a starting price of about $1500. While that’s definitely a shocking number, keep in mind that Samsung is planning to make about a million of them in 2019 and they’re targeted more towards people that fly first class, not your average Joe.
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