Samsung may launch Mate X-like Galaxy Fold before Huawei

The original Galaxy Fold is yet to be released but if reports are to be believed Samsung is currently working on multiple future models. Two of these devices are expected to arrive at some point next year while another, according to a report published today, could launch within the next few months.

Samsung's second foldable could launch before Huawei's first

Citing sources familiar with the matter, The Investor today revealed that Samsung has plans to “soon” launch an entire range of foldable smartphones, one of which will fold outwards like the Huawei Mate X. Very little is known about Samsung’s out-folding alternative at the moment but people within the company believe it could reach consumers before Huawei’s own device. The latter was initially expected to arrive this month but is now on track for a release in September following a last-minute delay that should help Huawei iron out any issues and avoid negative press.

From the look of things, the exact launch date of Samsung’s next foldable has yet to be decided. Despite this, certain suppliers “have already begun mass-producing major parts, and possibly even the phone itself.” This should allow Samsung to get “ahead of Huawei” and claim another title by mass-producing the first out-folding smartphone.

It’s unclear at this stage if a separate foldable device for the second half of the year was always planned, but The Investor does highlight the fact that the launch will allow the company to capitalize on Huawei’s damaged reputation, thus suggesting the release may have been a late entry into Samsung’s roadmap.

Two other foldable smartphones are coming in early 2020

In addition to the device mentioned above, it’s believed Samsung has two other foldable smartphones in the pipeline. One of these is expected to be a direct successor to the Galaxy Fold while the other could be a Motorola Razr-like offering.

According to reports, the Galaxy Fold 2 will retain the original’s basic design but introduce some rather noticeable changes in order to meet consumer demands. Specifically, Samsung is said to be planning S Pen support alongside a larger 8-inch display that’ll replace the 7.3-inch OLED panel currently used.

In terms of when the Galaxy Fold 2 will be available, it’s said Samsung was planning a release in December of this year. However, the original’s delay has reportedly forced the company to push back its plans a little. The device is now expected to debut at “the beginning of next year” which could mean a debut at MWC in February alongside the Galaxy S11 series.

Regarding Samsung’s other foldable offering, reports point towards the presence of a 6.7-inch display that can be folded vertically. Accompanying this should be a small 1-inch panel on the exterior that’ll display notifications, the time & date, and other useful bits of info.
Like the Galaxy Fold 2, this particular offering is expected to arrive during the first half of 2020. People familiar with the matter suggest Samsung will begin sourcing the necessary displays in November ahead of the start of mass production in early January. As such, this device may also debut at MWC 2020.

Despite Samsung’s multiple devices, foldable smartphones are unlikely to go mainstream next year due to the high price tags. Instead, most consumers will probably opt for the company’s usual range of flagship models. Nevertheless, the foldable products should help gauge the interest of consumers and determine which form factor is the most popular. Moreover, the releases will give the company the opportunity to gather important data that could help improve the user experience.



9. J2017

Posts: 78; Member since: Oct 25, 2017

They can't even get the fold out but they'll have a 2nd foldable phone out before Huawei's 1st foldable.

6. Fred3

Posts: 622; Member since: Jan 16, 2018

They knew that Galaxy Fold was an ugly design. Instead of trying to rush this out they should have taken their time.

3. Guseinguliev

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 04, 2019

I prefer the Samsung fold form factor.

1. umaru-chan

Posts: 378; Member since: Apr 27, 2017

But but "Expert" Samsung fanboys already declared this kind of design unsuitable for real life. Looking forward to seeing their excuses now that Samsung doing the same.

2. alanrock

Posts: 344; Member since: Oct 04, 2018

they will further "refine" real life experience and call it a dibs ...

12. sgodsell

Posts: 7674; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Most experts as well as consumers have said that Huawei's foldable display is completely exposed to the elements, so things like keys, change, or anything else in your pocket can easily damage the Huawei fold display. Yet the Samsung fold display is protected when the user folds that smartphone, because it fold inwards for protection. Even the Fold 2 will have the same inward fold, but the second version will have a pen. So if that's the case I will not be buying next year's Note, and instead be getting the Fold 2 instead, with its spen.

4. iloveapps

Posts: 909; Member since: Mar 21, 2019

Samsung has come to sense that FOLD is fugly and Fail. But Samtard still insist how beautiful and innovative it is. A tablet-like with a fugly notch and smaller screen outside. That’s hilarious and ingenious. And considering it is bigger than note but doesn’t have pen. Two days of use for $2000 because of cheap materials use On the screen. I bet Apple’s stand will last for 100 years and cost just $1000.

5. Vancetastic

Posts: 1966; Member since: May 17, 2017

Comparing a metal stand to a smartphone seems pretty intelligent.

10. MEeee

Posts: 449; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

Now we know one of the iDiots that will buy a $1000 stand.

11. lyndon420

Posts: 6941; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

Apple's attempt at a foldable device will be just as horrendous, but it will have that logo that you blindly care about so much.

7. Fred3

Posts: 622; Member since: Jan 16, 2018

I became a fan of Samsung but mistakes are mistakes and Samsung made alot of them

8. maherk

Posts: 7098; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

You do realize this is just a rumor, right?

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