Samsung brings new features to its programmable NFC tags with the TecTile 3.0 mobile app

When we got the chance to check out TecTiles by Samsung for the first time, we could immediately think of a number of cases they could be used in. The company's programmable NFC tags can perform lots of cool stuff when an NFC-enabled smartphone is in proximity, so one can launch apps, make a call, change their handset's profile, and more with a single tap. And now, right in time for the arrival of the Galaxy Note II in the U.S., Samsung is announcing a new version of the TecTile mobile app, thus expanding the list of things you can do with TecTiles even further.

With version 3.0 of the TecTile app, users can assign a string of actions to a single TecTile. That way one can have their Bluetooth radio turned on and navigation app launched when in the car, or the ringer volume turned down and the alarm clock app launched when it's bed time. Another new feature is to have one TecTile perform different actions depending on whose smartphone is tapped on it. That would make it more convenient for multiple users to use the same TecTiles around their home or workplace. Moreover, TecTiles can now be set private, so that the actions being assigned with it are performed only on a specific device.

The list of settings and features that can be accessed via TecTiles has been expanded as well. TecTile 3.0 allows switching to airplane mode and provides more comprehensive alarm settings, along with the option to change a ringtone. New social networking tools have also been integrated, so now a user can change their Google+ status, share electronic business cards, start a chat on Google Talk, and more.

TecTiles are available for purchase both online from Samsung, or at a T-Mobile, AT&T, or Sprint retail store in the U.S. A pack of 5 retails for $14.99. For more details, check out the press release below!

source: Samsung

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