Samsung bringing iPhone-like exposure setting to the Galaxy S6


When Apple introduced iOS 8, back in September, the new update brought a number of enhancements, among which a few camera app refurbishments. One of these was the quick manual control for exposure – tap the object you wish to focus on and you get a slider to the right of your marker box; slide up and down and voila – you control exposure.

Now, truth is that most, if not all, smartphones will give the user some kind of control over exposure. However, Apple's solution is extremely convenient and we'd say it definitely enriched user experience when using the camera.

Well, if you are a Sammy user, you need not be jealous. Word is that the upcoming update, which should be based on Android 5.1, will be bringing a refresh of the camera app. You want to guess what feature we are about to see? Yup – manual exposure control.

The information comes from SamMobile, which tends to often be on-point when it comes to Samsung rumors and early information. The snapshots show a manual control much similar to the one on iOS, with the exception that it uses a light bulb icon as a slider marker, instead of the sun that's on the iPhone's camera.

Latest news says that the Android 5.1 update should come some time in June. Whether it will hit the Note 4 and Note Edge is yet unknown, though, we certainly hope that it does.

source: SamMobile
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