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New patent hints at a rotating Samsung Bixby speaker complete with camera and touch display

New patent hints at rotating Samsung Bixby speaker with camera and touch display
It’s no secret that Samsung has plans to release its own smart speaker with Bixby at its heart but it’s fair to say that not much is known about the product. Thanks to a newly-granted patent, however, some insight into what Samsung has planned may have been provided.

The patent in question, which was filed back in November of last year in the US, depicts a circular speaker that is capable of rotating 360 degrees. Furthermore, this is equipped with a total of 7 microphones, a camera, and a display, with the idea behind the concept being pretty logical. See, the product itself is made up of two parts, a bottom one that acts as a stand and a top part that can rotate and contains the microphone layout in order to improve speed recognition. After all, whenever a user speaks, the smart speaker will automatically adjust its positioning so that the various microphones are facing the sound and can listen closely. Once the sound has been located, the Bixby speaker will also make use of its built-in camera in order to detect the face of the user. If the person matches one of the profiles stored inside the speaker, it will automatically acknowledge them as the source of the sound.

Aside from all of this, the top portion of the Bixby speaker also includes a small display that features touch capabilities which can be utilized to display text, photos, or videos and recognizes various different gestures. Furthermore, the speaker’s display is said to support hover input via S Pen, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphones.

For now, Samsung is yet to confirm when it will launch its first smart speaker, but considering the company is rumored to be announcing the Galaxy Note 9 and Gear S4 smartwatch at an event in New York on August 9, it’s possible that the Bixby speaker will also make an official appearance. Alternatively, the South Korean company may opt to reveal the product at IFA 2018 in early September with the Galaxy Tab S4.

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