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Samsung bid for stay on GALAXY Nexus denied, but Google has software update for workaround

Samsung bid for stay on GALAXY Nexus denied, but Google has software update for workaround
Last night, we passed along the word that Judge Koh had denied Samsung's request for a stay on the injunction she had ordered on the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1. Move ahead 24 hours, and as Yogi once said (Berra, not Bear), it's Deja Vu all over again as Samsung was once again denied. This time, the device with the preliminary injunction is the Samsung GALAXY Nexus.

The Samsung GALAXY Nexus
While Apple has successfully used the courts as a way to take the public's mind off Jelly Bean, Google and Samsung on Tuesday night are discussing a workaround that might be able to make Apple's legal actions moot. According to The Verge, an OTA update for the Samsung GALAXY Nexus might go out as early as Tuesday night and take away all local search, redirecting it to the web. Those who don't want to update will not be forced to, but it would appear that this could be a valid way to get around the '604 unified search patent that Apple has been using as Kryptonite to Google's Superman. This is the patent that Apple used to get the court to order the injunction on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus last week.

The OTA update is supposed to rollout to all Samsung GALAXY Nexus units regardless of carrier. The update will also make one of the big standout features for Android 4.1, Google Now, safe from Apple's grasp when it is ready to be rolled out to the public.

The workaround coming in the OTA update is expected to "dumb down" the search bar on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus, as results will come only from the web. Even Voice Search will be limited in this manner.

source: TheVerge via AllThingsD

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