May the S Pen be with you: Samsung to release a Star Wars edition Note 8?

Samsung has been in the practice of selling super hero-themed limited edition versions of its top-tier devices in the past few years. First, we saw an Avengers-themed icon pack for the Galaxy Note 4. Then, we got an awesome-looking Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge — with the red skin, gold accents, and software facelift to match. Later, an all-black, Batman-themedGalaxy S7 edge had us drooling over its stealthy look and fan-pleasing accessory box. Now, it seems we are about to get...

A Star Wars edition Galaxy Note 8?

The rumor comes from Twitter leakster Ice universe, who has been on point in the past. His post is short and simple — we have a picture of an ad for the rumored Note 8 together with a text claiming that it would be a deeply customized version.

So, is that plausible? We would say it very much is — Samsung has worked successfully with Marvel in the past with both companies advertising the other among their own userbase. Marvel is a subsidiary of Disney and the latter also owns Star Wars. A connection there is entirely possible.

As far as what to expect — the photo shows us an all-black Note 8 with a BB-8- themed background and not much else. We would assume that the UI will have an exclusive Star Wars skin and possibly, maybe, probably, hopefully sound effects? Also, we are very disappointed that the S Pen is not stylized as a lightsaber...

As with the Batman S7 edge, we could also see an accessory box (oops, almost said lootbox there) full of other goodies, but we'll have to wait and see. The phone will most certainly be a bit more expensive than your regular (already pricey in its own right) Note 8 and may only be sold in a few selected regions.

source: Ice universe

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