Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series tablet with Windows 7 features WiMAX connectivity

Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series tablet with Windows 7 features WiMAX connectivity
After being leaked on an obscure French blog a while ago, and codenamed Samsung Gloria, Sammy's Windows 7 tablet with the sliding keyboard received the uninspiring name Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series. Naming scheme aside, this one might actually give Asus a run for its money, with an innovative sliding keyboard, coupled to a 10" capacitive touchscreen with the generous 1366x768 pixels of resolution.

The rest of the specs are nothing to sniff at, too. The slate comes with the options for a 32GB or 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM, frontal camera, card reader, USB port, and an Intel Oak Trail chipset running the show. An HDMI port is present, and Samsung promises up to nine hours of battery life out of this thing, nipping in the bud any speculations about battery endurance that naturally come to mind when tablet and Windows are in the same sentence. The slate weighs 2.18 pounds, and is less than an inch thick, 0.78" to be precise.

The touch version of Windows 7 will be skinned further by Sammy with the addition of the Touch Launcher, that features touch-optimized applications, and more of those can be downloaded via the dedicated App Manager, and Windows Product Scout. The cherry on the top, though, is that the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series will feature WiMAX and 3G connectivity built-in.

Thus you can have fast Internet access always with you, and the asking price of $699 works in the tablet's favor to make splash come March, when it is scheduled for release. We'd still prefer Gloria, but maybe Sammy is keeping that moniker for something even more impressive.

source: Samsung



1. Michael2255 unregistered

I want to go there.

2. bob unregistered

when is releasing date for samsung sliding pc, i really want to buy it, i've been waiting so long to buy

3. 2bits unregistered

What's impressive is the 1.66 gHz processor, with a good viewable screen and battery that claims 9 hours of use but that some reviewers are saying can last up to 15 hours! While using Windows that is outstanding battery life! I like the ability to use a touch pad along with touch screen. Flexible. And either touchscreen or real keyboard. Just the ticket. I will take back my Motorla Xoom today!

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