Samsung SGH-T528G is a TouchWiz 2.0 feature phone for Tracfone

Samsung SGH-T528G is a TouchWiz 2.0 feature phone for Tracfone
Naturally, feature phones aren’t getting the same amount of love they received a few years ago before the boom seen with smartphones – and that’s probably why announcements for them are relatively low key nowadays.

Case in point, the Samsung SGH-T528G, which is essentially a lot like most of the touchscreen candybar feature phones we’ve seen Samsung put out year after year. Some of its features include a 3” display, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 850/1900MHz GSM/EDGE/WCDMA connectivity, and is powered by Sammy’s very own TouchWiz 2.0 UI. Although it might be perceived as mundane in our saturated smartphone world, it should come to be a decent offering since it’s going to be sold by Tracfone.

Quietly published on Samsung’s web site, there is still no word yet regarding pricing or availability, but we’d gather it to be affordable since it’s a prepaid phone.

source: FCC & Samsung via Phonescoop



6. Chloe

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 20, 2011

This cool SGH T538G is bound to take the budget phone market by the throat. This phone will no doubt be affordable as the rest of the Tracfone phones and this type of sensitive touch phone is also what the top players are offering. I like the fact that you get up to 6 hours of access and talk time and the standby durability reaches up to 10.5 days. This is the 3rd great new phone Tracfone has released on to the market in the last 3 months. I also have just found out that Tracfone is offering triple minutes for life plans, wow! I think Tracfone is going to grab a whole lotta more market share pie in the next quarter, I can't wait to see the figures.

7. Benny Hannah unregistered

I've seen alot of speculation about new phones for Tracfone and most don't pan out or go there other brands like Net10 or SraighTalk. But this would be a good phone for Tracfone with doubling minutes and etc its a very good value expecially for ppl who don't talk or text to much but still need a phone!

8. LIBBY unregistered


11. STORMYLEE unregistered

this isnt the first touch screen phone they have had, they previously had another samsung touch model.. my best friend had it.. it was just as good as my iphone.. this samsung is the updated version of the one she had...

12. STORMYLEE unregistered i dont know exactly why the phone was discontinued, but my best friend and myself were really impressed with it..

17. batman unregistered

probably the pricetag at 400$ helped to kill it, these new ones are only 100$

9. Whitbrooket unregistered

I just purchase this phone yesterday and it is amazing! I have had both the iphone and the droid...this phone definitely gives them a run for their money. Of course, it does not compare by any means, but for the price I am willing to sacrifice. It runs off of at & t towers, I have not had any problems with service as of yet. The only thing I do not like is that the letters on the keyboard are very small. I will get used to it eventually I am sure. Other than that I am in love!

10. HammerWGM unregistered

Does it have threaded/conversation mode texting and Block Call features?

13. princedusable unregistered

I was waiting for a long time to get the samsung sgh-t528 and was so exited about it. Now ST has it on their site for $99.99; however, it seems that this phone is not as good as I thought. One of those cheapy phones, exept it is a touch screen, that's all it is. I prefer the Nokia E71. Correct me pls if I am wrong. Thanks Can u open multiple e mails on this phone, and does it have a GPS?

14. tds20 unregistered

Well the Touch screen phones that is sold in walmart is now selling them for about 100.00 ok yes its a tracephone but the service you want is straight talk for unlimited talk text and or web it's 45.00 a month no annual contract period...

15. Jody Weissler unregistered

Does it have a standard mini usb connection or a proprietary one?

16. SusieO

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 11, 2011

I just bought mine and have been using it a few days. I do like the phone's look and many of the features, and it's simple to use. BUT!! TEXTING IS TORTURE!! I almost never get the letter right on the first try- maybe not till the second or third- and I try different angles and tapping harder or softer. Holding the phone is akward because of this... and to increase my chances of getting the letters right I'll type with one finger. The T-9 autofinish is completely annoying- I ignore the suggestion and it changes the word I'm typing on its own, as if it's certain I am wrong! Send, backspace, and enter are too small or too close- and I'm constantly hitting them instead of what I want. I generally can get used to a new keyboard quickly, but so far this one has been very difficult; I have yet to send a text without typos no matter how short, and that's after it takes forever to type it. I think this phone may have to go back. :(

18. Jen Hawkins unregistered

I want to get this phone, but i dont know how it will feel. Does it feel cheap? Can you get apps? And how is the texting? Plz reply back so I can know about these things!

41. mat unregistered

I feel your pain.. terrible txting wise, if you find a way to perminantly turn off t9 let me know >

42. jimi unregistered

what i found with the phone is u actually have to hit above what your aiming for to actually get it right and then only sometimes as it might be off to one side or the other very annoying

19. guyinsb

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 16, 2011

I have been using this phone for a day. It has easy to use WiFi, which makes the $30/mo plan plausible; I am giving that plan a try. It takes a bit of work to figure out the best way to enter text. The landscape-mode QWERTY keyboard has keys which are darn small; they require excruciating care to avoid mistakes. But the regular text entry screen lets you quickly switch between all caps, lower case, numeric, and symbols; those keys are large enough to hit without a bunch of mistakes. Another annoyance occurs when making a voice call and reaching an auto attendant (e.g. voice mail); it is a little tricky pulling up a keypad to enter responses. I got Gmail configured very easily; the Facebook app works OK, but seems to miss the latest post on occasion. The browser works, but the screen makes it mostly a last ditch usage. The camera is OK, and it is easy to transfer photos to/from your pc (or Mac) with bluetooth. The documentation says very little about a usb cable. My biggest complaint is with contacts; I have not found a way to download contacts to the phone. It is easy to upload contacts to a PC using bluetooth, but the other direction is critical; I need to keep an address list synched between phone, iPad, Mac, etc.

46. SHARP1 unregistered

I was transferring service fromT-Mobile to Straight Talk, and T-Mobile has a little machine they can complete a transfer with. They have all the different cables to fit virtually all phones inside most stores. It only took a couple minutes.

52. fuzzyduck unregistered

you can transfer contacts using bluetooth!

20. Guesswho! unregistered

I have straight talk phone already, I see it's at Straight Talk already for $99.99 The Samsung T 528g. When will it be at Wal-Mart cause it will probley be a little cheaper ( I hope) I really do want to get it.

21. Poughkeepsie Joe unregistered

You can get the T528g at some Walmart's now for 99.99. Just picked mine up today, in Fishkill, N.Y. Call your store first,it's not listed on the web site yet.Good Luck!

22. LARK21 unregistered

Hey Y'all! I am canceling my contract with Verizon (GASP!) It will cost me $170 to do so. However, I will quickly earn that money back and then some! I just purchased the Straight Talk Samsung SGH-t528g. It's flying off the shelves at WalMarts in WI & MN. Was I ever thrilled to finally get my hands on one for $99----YES UNDER 100 BUCKS! No contract to sign. No credit check. No payment date. No late fees. I simpy purchase a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month Refill Card online or at my local WalMart. The Refill Cards run from $30 - $45. With this phone I am required to purchase the $45 Refills (UNLIMITED NATIONWIDE CALLS, UNLIMITED TEXTS, UNLIMITED DATA) After 8 years of the contract games with Verizon Wireless I finally made the leap to PrePaid Cell Service...and I've never been happier :) ....or wealthier for that matter ;) Great service, Great Phone.. Comparable to my past BlackBerrys and iPhone. MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY---Your wallet will thank you. ~~~~~CheerS~~~~~

26. Winston unregistered

I got my T528G yesterday and you DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE $45 UNILIMITED PLAN. I got the $30 plan when I bought mine.

39. Greg_3e3 unregistered

Winston is correct. You *can use this phone with the $30 plan.

23. leenie unregistered

have been doing some research on this phone, i am please with the great things that have been said. I once had a blackberry curve from AT&t, when driving i had the speaker on, it was clear and loud, t same for the music it allowed me to use for ring tones. I'd like to know please if anyone can and will answer this question...Does the SGH-T528G have ringtones and calltone that you can hear loud enough...just want to know if the volume is good on this phone.

24. tkkt unregistered

The volume is great for ringtones, The one's they give you aren't so great as with anyphone, but you can some for free at But i have had mine for 3 days and its great it also has the mp3 player and if you get the usb cord you can download songs off your computer onto it its great

56. nythawk

Posts: 5; Member since: Dec 15, 2011

Very good

25. thisphonesucks unregistered

i was using att and thought this phone would be the phone to have if i switched to straight talk....well the phone sucks...i ran to 3 stores to get the phone...and the software is way has no physical keyboard....the virtual keyboard you have to hit 3-4 times to get it to take a command....and the phone just resets all the time @ random....oh and it has wi-fi...and why is that...cause if you go to forces you to use won't display youtube no wifi/no phone is not the issue..i bought 2 of these phones...and they both have all the same issues....i'll hit the call button...multiple times...and it just hangs to the point..u gotta reboot the [phone....if you really wanna get this phone...go ahead...but you'll be sorryafter 3 days

27. wondering unregistered

So I bought this phone a few days ago. Well its says that it can play any downloaded video with a microsd card (which I have). It is not doind that at all, every time I hit play it says incorrect data. Does anyone know what's wrong?

28. straighttalk user unregistered

@ Susie O, my husband and i just bought ours yesterday and i totally agree about the texting.But so far that seems to be the only thing i don't like about it. But of course we haven't had it that long so time will tell ! But I like the fact that it is touchscreen and features aren't to hard to find on there. I like that it also tells you how many days you have before you have to add more airtime ! I love this phone so far :)

57. nythawk

Posts: 5; Member since: Dec 15, 2011

You have 30 days to use your airtime.

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