Samsung Omnia and Saga spotted on new Verizon rebate form

Samsung Omnia and Saga spotted on new Verizon rebate form
Another month, another new Verizon rebate form. This one, dated 10/14-11/15, has two surprises from Samsung, the Omnia and Saga i770. We first reviewed the Omnia GSM version this July and were quite impressed with the device. We can only hope the CDMA model will keep some of its high-end features, such as the 5MP camera and excellent software performance. The Saga i770 will replace the i760 and support Windows Mobile 6.1 professional, CDMA/GSM, EVDO Rev A, and WiFi (802.11b/g). Also listed are the LG VX8360 and VX5500, as both are expected out the end of October. Unfortunately, there is still no sign of the BlackBerry Storm and HTC Diamond.

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1. unregistered

i hope the samsung omnia support DiV/DiX. whatever that's called.

18. woo-hoo unregistered

i am so confused by all that Div/Dix and CDMA stuff its weird. But i am so glad that this phone is coming to verizon because i was crushing on the Storm but now this one is even better!!!!...i gotta start savin...

23. unregistered

DivX, also including .avi files, newer files like movies and stuff you download our those types of files, instead of the usual MPG or MPEG files, so if you illegally download stuff than you could play those

2. unregistered

why did i hear that this phone was going to look similar to the i780? It by no means resembles it...still it looks decent.

3. unregistered

my vote this year is for Verizon! way to go! Sorry you've got a $400 deposit - get a job!

4. vzw fanboy unregistered D98051%2D587A%2D4E1E%2DA720%2DB231F7679A2D%7D screwed up- ^ here it is

5. vzw fanboy unregistered

well there is something wrong when i post it that website up there ..not that anyone will go to that link but if they do they have to close the space between the DE and the E in the website posted above... here is the space =%7BDE D98051%2D587A

7. vzw fanboy unregistered

it says %20 between the DE and the D delete it and the website will show up. i know u people will criticze but there ya go

17. unregistered

Mmmm. Spam.

6. unregistered

hehe they may also be coming out with a new rebate form at the end of Oct... for a much awaited phone! *hint hint*

8. David the Gom unregistered

No HTC Touch Pro yet? *sigh* I like everything about vzw... but only thing i hate about them is they're getting phones late... except for some blackberry phones... i guess i would have to wait until next year... *sigh*

9. unregistered

I think the HTC Touch and the Blackberry (I'm assuming you mean bold) .. are all under exclusive licenses. Until Sprint loses its exclusivity and ATT loses its exclusivity on the Blackberry Bold, VZW can bring those phones into their line up. PS, I don't know how reliable this is, but my friend works at VZW, and word is corporate is trying to negotiate a deal in which VZW will sell the iPhone in November 2009... I don't know how reliable this is, but he has provided me with some good info over the years so lets all hope this is true. ATT will be completely crushed if VZW gets the iPhone. I mean, who wouldn't want a cool phone AND the best network?

15. unregistered

Umm i know i wouldn't....i got an iphone on at&t and a jail broke it. I got signal where ever I go and where i live (central florida) is where at&t has everything.

16. unregistered

Apple isn't making a CDMA iPhone. Simply, it costs more for R&D, getting hardware for it, and licensing fees. Releasing a CDMA iPhone in November 2009 makes no sense. In 2010 we'll be seeing LTE, Verizon's going to work hard to roll it out first because it requires more work and hardware to go from CDMA > LTE. Plus AT&T has a lot of flexibility with HSPA, they've got 14.4mbit HSDPA, then there's HSPA+..... All into an easy transition to LTE. If an iPhone ever came to Verizon, it wouldn't be until LTE.

20. unregistered

I heard otherwise, that one would be released with LTE. There was a loophole in ATT's exclusivity contract, that they could be the only carrier of the iPhone with its GSM technology until 2012. New technology calls for new options for everyone. Seeing as Verizon and Vodaphone are both going to be in the LTE market, and correct me if I'm wrong, essentially make the global cellular technology the same (within their networks) .. it would be a great investment for them to globally carry the LTE iPhone.

27. ATT Coverage>VZW Coverage...lo unregistered

well you are in the minority, buddy

28. unregistered

ridiculous. apple needs too much overall control over the device. they rejected it once, i'm sure they'd do it again.

10. unregistered

what's going to be the better phone; Omnia, Storm, or Touch Pro. The omnia looks like its going to have good specs, but i wonder if its going to already be behind the times since the GSM version was already released a good bit ago. I don't know if I want a Storm with the rumors that a Storm 2 and 3 are already in the pipeline. And to top things off, Verizon gets the less powerful lTouch Pro while Sprint gets it's big brother. Thoughts and opinions?

11. unregistered

what do you mean by storm 2 and 3 already on the pipeline

12. unregistered

a couple days ago there was a posting on BoyGenius about how RIM was already developing the next two versions of the storm. It makes it hard to go out and make the purchase on the Storm when you know greener grass is right around the corner. soon/

13. unregistered

that is false information!

22. unregistered

what's your source?

25. unregistered

its true, just think phones come in with their new models every year so they have to start now on their next generation storms to be ready for th next year. like the v, env, and voyager. they all game out three years in a row and when the first one launched the second was being sketched and prototyped. its why no one will ever be able to stay up with technology.

29. unregistered

dude, companys have roadmaps that show where theyd like to be with what devices YEARS in advance. The storm was probably a workin model last year, and has been in different phases of bug killing and retooling since. Its not unlikely at all thaty they have the next version or 2 or 3 already in some sort of preliminary testing. Hell, MS started work on the next xbox the same year the 360 came out. Things dont happen overnight, they take alot of time. did you really think they just go. "hey i got a great idea for an all touch blackberry" and have it to market 6 months later? Geesh.

14. unregistered

Anyone know a RELEASE DATE for the Omnia? Any guess based on the fact it's on the rebate form???

19. unregistered

so since it on a rebate for until nov 15, does that mean taht omnias gonna come out b4 then????!

21. primewax unregistered

Not necessarily. We've been known to put some sutff on rebate forms before that haven't come out, like the Voyager last year.

30. sit2k unregistered

omnia will be out by the end of october as per a verizon retention customer service rep

24. unregistered

Has anyone heard of a release date for Verizon's SCH-i770,yet? How does that measure up to the Palm Treo 800W they are also supposed to be coming out with sometime soon?

26. unregistered

anyone have a reasonable guess as to the price of omnia with 2 year contract? do you think its even possible for a 300 and under price tag?

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