Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 released with night mode, new high contrast option

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Samsung updated its beta version of Internet Browser a few days ago, but the features and improvements added haven't been tested for too long before they made it to the stable app.

The new version of Samsung Internet Browser has been improved with all the new features introduced in the beta app. Among the most important new improvements included is the night mode, which seems to have more and more fans among smartphone users.

Also, Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 now comes with a new high contrast option, which makes everything on the screen look clearer and brighter at the expense of battery energy.

Furthermore, there's a new “Sync with Samsung Cloud” option available that allows the browser's users to back up and restore their preferences and bookmarks.

Last but not least, new experimental flags have been added, including Web Bluetooth, WebGL 2 and Gamepad extensions, which can be accessed via internet://flags. If you visit the address you can also enable or disable any of them, but it's not yet clear sure how well they'll perform on different devices.

Samsung Internet Browser v6.0 is compatible with all smartphones powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop and up, so it won't matter if you don't have a Samsung device.

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