Samsung Galaxy gadgets power a robot that gives... hugs

Samsung Galaxy gadgets power a robot that gives... hugs
While Apple is trying to impress the audience with giant iPads, Samsung is taking a bit creepier, yet original approach. Enter Hug-Chan – the robot that spreads the holiday spirit with its hugs. Yes, you read that correctly. The humanoid is currently exhibited at the Roppongi Hills hotel in Tokyo, Japan and entertains people with its holiday songs, dance moves (it can do “the robot” too), and, of course, by holding them in its embrace.

Hug-Chan is a project created by Samsung in association with RT Corp. What serves as the “brains” of the robot is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE tablet, and a Samsung Galaxy S II LTE plays the role of its  “heart”. In particular, the tablet handles movement and audio playback while the smartphone is used for user interaction and for inputting commands.

Those of you who cannot see Hug-Chan in person are free to check out the Galaxy Xmas Hugs website and watch a live stream of the robot in action. Alternatively, below is a “behind the scenes” video that explains how the whole project came to be.

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