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Android 9 Pie-based Samsung Experience 10 leaks out; big UI changes revealed

Android 9 Pie-based Samsung Experience 10 build for Galaxy S9+ leaks out
Samsung Galaxy S9+

Despite being the number one smartphone manufacturer, Samsunghas historically been one of the slowest brands when it comes to software updates. But thanks to a new leak, it has been revealed that the company is already deep into the process of preparing its next update, Samsung Experience 10. 

Before getting too excited, it’s worth noting that the build in question, which is intended for the Galaxy S9+, is still an early development one based on Android 9 Pie, so there are unsurprisingly some bugs and inconsistencies. However, the screenshots of the software version do provide a pretty good glimpse at what’s in the pipeline.

Starting off with the lock screen, the South Korean giant has refined the overall look slightly by updating the fonts and moving the time and date to the middle of the display. Additionally, the previous quick app icons have been removed and in their place are simple stripes of color below the app names. Once the smartphone has been opened up, the most notable difference at first glance is the presence of modified on-screen buttons which are now much more simplistic, although they can be disabled in favor of a gesture-based UI. In any case, opening up the overview menu will now display recent apps horizontally rather than vertically. Additionally, a dock has been added to the bottom

Elsewhere in the UI, Samsung has made modifications to the notification panel by introducing a new card style UI complete with curved edges which complements the updated quick settings section. Separate to all of this, the company has finally introduced a dark theme to its UI, as seen in the screenshots. In regards to app updates, some big modifications to the Dialer, Messages, Gallery, Mail, and Bixby apps have been made, with the overall trend being a switch over to rounded corners and a simplified experience overall. Another app that has been updated is the Camera app.

Overall, Samsung’s next major software update looks set to bring some rather drastic changes to its overall experience. And considering the company has made so many modifications so early on, it appears the benefits of Google's Project Treble are finally paying off. Thus, the new update should rollout earlier than usual.

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