Latest Samsung Galaxy S9 video ad throws a barrage of jabs at Apple's old and new iPhones

Samsung has never been afraid to take jabs at Apple, but its latest video ad for the Galaxy S9 can be safely presumed a clear declaration of war.

The spot called "Moving On" depicts the daily struggles of a woman struggling with her dated Phone 6. Slowdowns, no waterproofing, and general software inconsistency are a couple of the maladies that seemingly hurt the poor damsel in distress. 

The video ad culminates when the device gets taken to an Apple Store, where an Apple Genius inquires the woman if she has been thinking of upgrading to the iPhone X. This being an ad, the woman is reluctant to do so and readily jumps in Team Samsung's hands instead, but not before the iPhone X's notch is made fun of.

It's worth noting that it's quite easy for Samsung to poke fun at a three-and-a-half year old device which is nearing the end of its software support this autumn, but a disclaimer visible in the beginning of the video clearly states that Apple, of course, has multiple newer devices in the pipeline. This definitely sets the tone of the ad - Sammy is after the millions of users who have been using older iPhones, and it wants them to upgrade to the Galaxy S9 and the grander Galaxy S9+.

source: Samsung


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