Samsung Galaxy S6 edge saves man's life during Paris terrorist attacks

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge saves man's life during Paris terrorist attacks
The terrorist attacks in Paris that started late Friday in the city, killed as many as 153 people. If it wasn't for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, the number of dead would have been 154. According to a French media site, a man name Sylvester was hanging around outside the Stade de France. Inside, an exhibition soccer match between France and Germany was taking place. The stadium was filled with 80,000 fans, French President Francois Hollande among them, when a series of explosions could be heard by fans, players and media watching the game.

Outside the stadium, a suicide bomber and a gunman created havoc by detonating a bomb, and firing off rounds. Sylvestor was hit by a fragment from the bomb. Under normal circumstances, he would have ended up a statistic in a body bag. But as luck would have it, his Samsung Galaxy S6 edge was there to take the brunt of the attack. While his phone was in pretty bad shape, it can be replaced. His life, not so much.

Smartphones and social media played a major part in getting the story out. One gentleman stuck at the Bataclan theater, where more than 100 were killed during a concert by U.S. band Eagles of Death Metal, tweeted about the carnage he had witnessed. Others captured horrifying images seen throughout the city, by using the camera on their phone.

The video below is not in English, but you can pretty much figure out what Sylvester is saying just by looking at his wounded Galaxy S6 edge, and the wound on his body. If the phone wasn't there to take the hit, there is no doubt about what would have happened to him. 

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