Samsung Galaxy S IV gets the teardown treatment, see what's inside

Samsung Galaxy S IV gets the teardown treatment, see what's inside
Unsurprisingly, another set of Samsung Galaxy S 4 photos have surfaced on the web, courtesy of the very same Chinese source that has been releasing leak after leak. This time we're treated to a look at the smartphone's insides - battery, motherboard, chips, and everything in between. 

Something worth knowing is that the Samsung Galaxy S 4, or at least the Chinese version of it, will pack a 2,600mAh battery. That's actually pretty good for a contemporary high-end Android smartphone. Also, there will be a variant of the device that will come with a couple of SIM card slots for use with multiple carriers simultaneously. In addition, the microSD card slot is being revealed, presumably with support for microSD cards of up to 64GB.

Then there's the motherboard populated with all kinds of chips, the most interesting of them being the Exynos 5410, also known as the Exynos 5 Octa. That's the SoC expected to power the European variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 as well, yet the U.S. models might get a Snapdragon 600 instead. We aren't really sure what some of the other chips are used for, but we can see a Qualcomm ESC6270, which handles GSM communication, a Broadcom BCM4752 chip for GPS, and a Samsung-made memory chip providing 16GB of storage.

Note that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 models made for Europe and the U.S. will probably differ on the inside in one way or another. Whether that will be the case or not will become known shortly, soon after the smartphone gets announced officially.

source: it168 (translated) via GSM Arena

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