Samsung Galaxy S III up for pre-order, but not really

Samsung Galaxy S III up for pre-order, but not really
Hmm, it looks like some retailers are so desperate to cash in on the Samsung Galaxy S III hype that they are willing to start accepting pre-orders for the device. And the smartphone itself has not even been officially unveiled yet, although we have seen fan-made concept renderings before, just like the one the retailer decided to use for its pre-order page.

That said, if you happen to come across a pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy S III, (or any other smarthpone that is not yet official, for that matter) just leave it alone and don't even think of reaching out for your credit card. Especially when it is priced at $799 off-contract. You simply don't know where your money may end up.

What is believed about the Samsung Galaxy S III is that it will come in July of this year. Rest assured that we will let you know as soon as it is made official.


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