Samsung Galaxy S III gets four new color versions

Samsung Galaxy S III gets four new color versions
The Samsung Galaxy S III, the hottest Android flagship device on the market right now and in the past couple of months, is now officially getting four new colors. The Galaxy S III will soon start shipping in Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey, in addition to the existing Marble White and Pebble Blue versions.

The nature-inspired Samsung Galaxy S III is a gorgeous device and we’ve grown in fact really accustomed to and fond of the Hyperglaze finish on the plastic body. Samsung calls it “organic experience” and the same soft glazed plastic is used in the four new color versions. In reality, the Hyperglaze finish also creates the illusion of dual colors, adding more depth to the overall design.

Looking back at the four new colors, we’ve already seen two of them. First, the red one leaked out as an AT&T-exclusive and then black one surfaced around the Olympics. The other two Samsung managed to keep a secret - the titanium grey conveys a cold, business tone while the amber brown looks like the complete opposite with a very warm, cozy undertone. 

Samsung explains the meaning behind each of the colors and we've detailed it in the slideshow below, but let's just mention that brown is for classical, organic looks, red stands for delicateness and elegance, black - for deep sophistication and finally grey as a symbol for intelligence. 

Now, we wouldn't take it for granted that all four colors will arrive on all markets as Samsung warns that the availability depends on your country, carrier and/or retailer. We'll update you with more on the different colors availability as soon as we have those details.

Our personal favorite is the sapphire black, a classical color option that will stand the test of time. Check them all out below and don’t hesitate to also let us know which one you like best and why!

source: Samsung Tomorrow via Android Central

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