Samsung Galaxy S II hits new peaks

Samsung Galaxy S II hits new peaks
Samsung has been going all out in promoting its flagship handset, the Galaxy S II. And while the handset got off to a great start in South Korea as we reported, the Korean based manufacturer continues to promote the device hard, perhaps in preparation for an eventual Stateside launch. Although Samsung has yet to announce its plans for the device in the U.S., it has sent the phone on a difficult mission-climbing Mt. Everest.

Samsung managed to get mountaineer Kenton Cool to bring a Samsung Galaxy S II with him on a journey up the slippery slope of Mt. Everest. Once at the peak, Cool took out the handset and started tweeting. We presume that Samsung's plan was to show us that if a device like this can make it up Mt. Everest, it can surely last through your daily commute.

source: SamsungHub

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