Samsung Galaxy S II - “only” 5 million units sold so far

Samsung Galaxy S II - “only” 5 million units sold so far
Remember when we reported that more than 6 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S II could have been shipped over the past three months or so? Well, it turns out that the estimate was a bit exaggerated, yet that milestone is not that far from being reached. It was officially announced by Samsung just recently that sales of the Galaxy S II have already surpassed the 5 million mark.

Bear in mind that this number reflects only the amount of Galaxy S II smartphones shipped to retailers and carriers, or in other words, units that have probably not all made their way to the pockets of end customers. Nevertheless, it is quite impressive that Samsung's flagship is actually selling faster than its predecessor – the Galaxy S, which had sold “only” 3 million units over the same amount of time after its debut.

If the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II keep on accelerating at today's pace, and they most probably would as the smartphone is expected to launch in the US pretty soon, the ten millionth unit should fly off the shelf by the end of September. Should the latest rumors turn out to be correct, Verizon could be the first carrier to bring the smartphone to American soil, yet AT&T and Sprint will get their own versions soon after.

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source: Samsung Tomorrow (translated) via OLED Info

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