Google Pixel 2 XL crushes Galaxy Note 9 in night-time blind camera test

Google Pixel 2 XL crushes Galaxy Note 9 in night-time blind camera test
The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has one of the best cameras ever put on a smartphone, but how does it fare against arguably the best phone for night-time photos, the Google Pixel 2 XL?

Well, we decided to leave the decision of which phone takes the better night pictures to you, our readers, and that's why last week, we gave you the photos from both phones, but stripped from all information about which phone took which photo.

The results are now in and it's time to take the blindfold off.

And this time, the results are quite convincing: the Google Pixel 2 XL crushes the Galaxy Note 9 when it comes to night photos.

Out of the seven different scenes that we tested, the Pixel 2 XL won 6 with an overwhelming margin and lost only one to the Note 9 (and then, they were nearly tied). Take a look at the pictures below.

Scene 1: Night Lights

The neon lights are a perfect test for the dynamic range of these two cameras and it's something that we commonly see and want to photograph at night.

Which photo do you prefer?

A - Pixel 2 XL
B - Note 9

Scene 2: The Alley

Darker alleys and different light, but still a night-time scene.

Which photo do you prefer?

C - Pixel 2 XL
D - Note 9

Scene 3: Main Street

Here, we have a busy restaurant on the main street and it's again lit in its own interesting way with a few neon signs as well.

Which photo do you prefer?

E - Note 9
F - Pixel 2 XL

Scene 4: Dark Road

The dark trees on one side on the road and the few buildings on the other contrast, but which picture is better?

Which photo do you prefer?

G - Note 9
H - Pixel 2 XL

Scene 5: Portrait

We love taking portrait pictures at night, but there are some big differences in the actual quality.

Which photo do you prefer?

I - Pixel 2 XL
J - Note 9

Scene 6: Selfie

And of course, we need to have a selfie to compare!

Which photo do you prefer?

K - Note 9
L - Pixel 2 XL

Scene 7: Group Selfie

This one is a group shot with the front camera.

Which photo do you prefer?

M - Note 9
N - Pixel 2 XL

Final Words

So... are you surprised with these results?

And how much do you rely on your phone for your photos, especially at night?

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