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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Yeah! or Meh...?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has just gone official and... it's just like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

One could write a long eulogy about Samsung's incredible design efforts, its continuous (and quite successful) attempts to streamline TouchWiz to a fast and modern interface, one could wax poetical about the speed of Dual Pixel auto-focus, and also one should not forget that Samsung makes continuous and welcome improvements in battery life and charging speed.

Yet still, it's hard to deny the obvious: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks almost exactly like the Galaxy S7 Edge. In fact, put that S Pen out of the picture, and you'd be hard-pressed to find much of a reason for the existence of the Note 7. Despite its slightly larger (5.7" vs 5.5") display, the Note 7 even has a smaller battery, but it comes with double the storage with a 64 gig base model.

But then go back to the S Pen, and you see there is no other phone like the Galaxy Note 7: the S Pen might not be something that the mainstream user needs, but it's hard to deny its convenience and cool factor. So with all this in mind, what is your judgment about the Galaxy Note 7: do you like it or not, is it a Yeah! or Meh...?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: meh or yeah?


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