Samsung seemingly confirms Galaxy A90's 'notchless Infinity screen'

Samsung seemingly confirms Galaxy A90's 'notchless Infinity screen'
The Samsung Galaxy A90 is shaping up to be one pretty impressive smartphone, but there are a few conflicting rumors floating around at the moment. Nevertheless, one detail that has remained pretty consistent since the very beginning is the smartphone’s notch, or lack thereof. And now, Samsung appears to have confirmed this. 

'Notchless Infinity screen' and pop-out camera

Around three weeks ago, it was revealed by tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer that Samsung’s Galaxy A90 would follow in the footsteps of the Oppo Find X by adopting a pop-out camera module. But rather than the usual setup which contains only the front-facing sensors, Samsung’s implementation was said to also substitute the rear cameras.

In order to achieve this, the Galaxy A90’s pop-out camera apparently includes a rotating mechanism. Essentially, this allows the same cameras to be used for both regular photos and selfies. Speaking of the cameras, not too much has been revealed up until now. However, the primary sensor is said to boast an impressive 48-megapixel resolution.
As you may have guessed, the presence of this pop-out camera means there’s no need for a notch. There’s also no need for a display cutout, which means the Galaxy A90 should be Samsung’s first smartphone to boast an all-screen design.

As visible in the image above, this assumption is confirmed by a page on Samsung’s official website. It has since been taken down but is still viewable through Google’s cache, and clearly states that the “Notchless Infinity screen” is only available on the Galaxy A90.

Will it be called the Galaxy A90 or Galaxy A80?

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are some conflicting rumors floating around at the moment regarding Samsung’s upcoming smartphone.

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Since the very beginning, the device has been referred to as the Galaxy A90. Yesterday, however, one historically-reliable tipster stated that it would actually be called the Galaxy A80. But as it turns out, both of these rumors might actually be true.

In international markets such as the US and Europe, Samsung’s upcoming smartphone is now expected to launch as the Galaxy A90 come April 10. But in China, the South Korean giant is set to market the phone under the Galaxy A80 branding.

It’s unclear why Samsung has chosen to implement a dual branding strategy, but it certainly isn’t a first. Late last year, the South Korean giant announced the Galaxy A8s as its first smartphone with a display hole. The device hasn’t seen a widespread release but did make it to South Korea as the Galaxy A9 Pro (2019). A similar situation occurred just months earlier when the Galaxy A9 (2018) was launched as the Galaxy A9s in China.

Flagship specifications without the premium price

In addition to its impressive design, the Galaxy A90 is largely expected to be quite powerful on the inside. In fact, a recent rumor suggested Samsung was preparing a budget flagship,which may well be the Galaxy A90, powered by the Snapdragon 855.

Accompanying this processor should be 128GB of storage – the phone was previously being tested with this storage count – and potentially the choice of either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. Other features should include Android 9 Pie pre-installed alongside One UI. Also, in terms of the battery capacity, a 3,700mAh cell is now expected complete with support for Adaptive Fast Charging. 

On one final note, as mentioned above the Galaxy A90 should be announced on April 10th alongside the Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A60. The smartphone’s availability will probably be limited to key Asian markets at first before expanding globally.

Price wise, the smartphone is expected to sit directly beneath the Galaxy S10e. As a result, it should be priced somewhere between $600 and $700. In terms of colors, a previous leak pointed towards black, gold, and silver.

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