Samsung has renewed its Android license deal with Google citing 'stable collaboration'

Samsung has renewed its Android license deal with Google citing 'stable collaboration'
Despite Google's run-ins with the European Union laws regarding its Mobile Application Distribution Agreements (MADA) with phone makers, Samsung has taken the recent plunge to sign precisely that with Google, reports Korean media today.

European antitrust authorities levied a $4.3 billion fine on Google for making manufacturers sign exclusivity agreements that stipulate preference towards its own apps if they want to use full-fledged Android on their devices. 

The MADA agreements include such gems as "Google Phone-top Search and the Android Market Client icon must be placed at least on the panel immediately adjacent to the Default Home Screen" and that Google's services and their apps "will be placed no more than one level below the Phone Top."

Despite all the antitrust scrutiny in the European market that is one of its most important ones, Samsung went and signed a new MADA contract with Google precisely targeting Europe earlier this year. Samsung cites the will for "stable collaboration" with Google, and we don't blame it, given what is happening with Huawei after Google was forced to revoke its Android licenses earlier this week. 

Samsung could be the biggest beneficiary of the US trade war with China when smartphones are concerned, and reconfirming its commitment to Google's mobile OS only strengthens its position further.


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