Rumors swirl around Apple Car's future – is it still coming?

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Rumors swirl around Apple Car's future – is it still coming?
When you think of Apple, your mind probably jumps to the iPhone. Of course, there are also iPads, AirPods, and the Apple Watch. But what about the Apple Car? There have been ongoing rumors that the tech giant is tinkering with the idea of a self-driving car to add to its product lineup. This supposed project, known as Project Titan, was initially whispered about back in 2015, with many thinking it would be a contender against Tesla. However, the latest rumors suggest that this dream might not become a reality any time soon.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known tipster renowned for accurate Apple-related leaks and predictions, recently shared on X that the development of the Apple Car seems to have disappeared from the radar for now. This leads Kuo to believe that we won't be seeing the car anytime in the next years, at the very least. Kuo didn't spill any additional details, but considering that many of his past leaks have relied on supply chain information, this one might be no different.

Earlier rumors about the Apple Car (which likely won't be its actual name) pointed to 2026 as the year we might see it in public. During the summer, there was some buzz about the Apple Car being tested in Arizona, but it sounded more like a conspiracy theory than a concrete event.

Initially, the rumors painted the Apple Car as a fully autonomous vehicle, one that wouldn't even have a steering wheel or pedals. Later, the story shifted, suggesting it would only be autonomous on highways. Information about the Apple Car has been circulating on the web for quite some time, and the release date has been pushed back multiple times.

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As for potential partners in manufacturing the car, rumors have thrown around names like Kia/Hyundai, Nissan, and Toyota. But remember, these are just rumors, and Apple's true plans remain shrouded in mystery. As you probably know, Apple isn't one to rush when it comes to innovative new products and their development. Just take a look at the Apple Vision Pro, set to debut next year but buzzing in the rumor mill since 2015.

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