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  • Rugged Sonim XP3400 handset passes the FCC with CDMA radio inside

Rugged Sonim XP3400 handset passes the FCC with CDMA radio inside

Posted: , by Daniel P.

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Rugged Sonim XP3400 handset passes the FCC with CDMA radio inside
Although the new tough Sonim handset at the FCC appears to have both GSM and CDMA frequencies, but the testing is done for the CDMA ones, which are given the green light by the commission for use in the US, so we can see it on any of the American carriers that support this technology.

The device comes under the model number Sonim XP3400, thus it's likely a CDMA version of the Sonim XP3300 Force, the handset with the world's longest talk time, so it should carry its 2" Gorilla Glass display, FM radio, GPS, and battery which provides 24 hours of talk time and 800 hours of standby times. A microSD card up to 8GB is supported in the XP3400, says the manual. Actually, the only difference between the Sonim XP3300, and the XP3400 we spotted at the FCC, seems to be the CDMA frequencies of the latter.

Rugged Sonim XP3400 handset passes the FCC with CDMA radio inside
Rugged Sonim XP3400 handset passes the FCC with CDMA radio inside

As any self-respecting Sonim phone, it also withstands dust, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and water. The Sonim XP3400 is tough as a nail, since the FCC photos of its back show the IP-68 seal of ruggedness approval, which means you can immerse it in water continuously for it's hermetically sealed. The manual actually says it can go up to 6 feet (2m), and stay there for 30 minutes without being damaged.

There is also a 2MP camera on the back with LED flash, which doubles as a torch. The camera does video recording as well, and there seem to be  dedicated torch and browser buttons on the sides of the phone. The Sonim XP3400 comes with the hefty 3 years of warranty and... a screwdriver, should you wish to change the battery.

source: FCC

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posted on 27 Jul 2011, 05:23 1

1. som (Posts: 768; Member since: 10 Nov 2009)

A nice phone for a caveman to hit the bear.

posted on 27 Jul 2011, 13:00

2. Louse (unregistered)


posted on 27 Jul 2011, 21:58

3. Walden (unregistered)

I decided to switch from a smartphone and go back to a dumb phone because my life was much simpler/better/less stressful before having the Internet in my pocket. Free at last!

So I wanted the BEST dumb phone out there and the Sonim XP3300 Force is what I bought. I love only having to charge it once a week or two, I love the LOUD 100db speaker for calls and listening to music, I love having an FM radio and flashlight everywhere I go, I love dropping on the floor and not worrying!!!

BUY SONIM. Get the Force as the other models they sell are less tough and older software

posted on 08 Aug 2011, 21:17

4. Firemedic (unregistered)

Seems as some of the readers seem to think that this phone is a little barbaric. For those of us that get off the couch and do things this will be a wonderful phone. Don't have to worry about going back and having replace all the time.

posted on 31 Mar 2012, 08:25

5. ITguy (Posts: 1; Member since: 31 Mar 2012)

I own an IT business with my cell as my only phone. My carrier is a CDMA provider.
I needed a real phone with a decent ring tone, good reception/transmission that also provides realistic voice quality on both ends. These four requirements eliminated most phones for me.

The ruggedness and the (3yr, No Questions Asked New Phone Replacement) warranty is a great bonus. I carry a 13” laptop so I have a real and productive internet access when needed. My phone and laptop are tools. Toys aren’t sufficient for my line of work. I have been on the phone with Sonim support for a Microsoft Outlook syncing issue. They were very knowledgeable and above all they took my phone call serious.

I carry my Sonim XP3400 in my loose fitting blue jeans pocket or on my belt for all day access. The XP3400’s size with its large battery make for a real comfortable and “stable” talk experience when I spend hours on support calls.

I can recommend this phone highly for those who want a serious phone, and a phone that will give you very little to dislike.

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