Rudy Huyn wants Snapchat to make an exception for 6Snap

Rudy Huyn wants Snapchat to make an exception for 6Snap
Snapchat has been having security problems recently, and the cause has been traced back to not-so-trustworthy third party apps that were mishandling user data. In an effort to protect its users, Snapchat decided to start shutting down those third party apps, but it couldn't go after the apps themselves; instead, Snapchat had to lock user accounts if they were found to be using a third party app.

For many users, it wouldn't get that far, because they would get a warning, then be able to just grab the official Snapchat app and keep going as usual. Unfortunately, that's not an option for the millions of Windows Phone users who use 6Snap, because there is no official Snapchat app available on Windows Phone. 6Snap developer (and all-star WP developer) Rudy Huyn has reached out to Snapchat in an effort to give WP users a usable option. 

Huyn has tweeted to Snapchat, saying, "are you aware that you block millions of WP users to use your service? #6snap respects ur philosophy&privacy. Let's talk". It's a good first move, not only because Huyn is a respected developer, but also because the tweet allows sites like ours to call out Snapchat, and maybe push it towards a faster resolution. Snapchat is working on official APIs for third party devs, but there's no idea on when that will be made available. And, there's no indication that Snapchat is working on an official WP app either. 

Here's to hoping Snapchat and Rudy can work something out, because otherwise there will be many users looking for a new messaging service. 

source: @Rudy Huyn via WMPU

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