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Rogue DROIDS have mind of their own

Rogue DROIDS have mind of their own
A Motorola DROID owner thought that his phone was a real robot when it started surfing the web, answering emails and making phone calls by itself in the middle of the night. The next evening, not only did the handset get back on the web, it again answered emails and made calls to the owner's parents, neighbors and a client. The neighbors were so alarmed by the call in the middle of the night that they rushed over to see if anything was wrong. A virus scanner showed no problems. Did this DROID actually have a mind of its own? Uh, not really. His problem was traced to one of those replacement chargers that you might see on sale at your local drug store. Another forum member had the same problems arise after he purchased a cheap replacement charger from eBay. But there is more to this story. A number of DROID owners using the Motorola supplied charger are complaining about their beloved handset doing things on its own. Verizon has been good so far in replacing these runaway units, but no one can give a precise explanation why it happens. Some are blaming static electricity while others point to some kind of software bug. For some, even a Master Reset would not help.

If your Motorola DROID starts to come to life, do not panic. If you are using a charger that is not original equipment, go back to the one that came with the phone and see if that fixes the problem. If that fails, you could bring your DROID back to Verizon and see what they suggest. This is an ongoing problem that started within weeks of launch and new complaints keep popping up on the DROID FORUMS board. Not even for one second do we believe that a contingent of Android powered Motorola phones will each start making rogue calls, sending out gibberish emails and surfing the web in a diabolical plot to take over the world. That we leave up to Apple and the iPhone.

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