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Roamer is a low-cost roaming app for your summer travels that keeps your number

We all know how exorbitant those Verizon, AT&T, or other carrier roaming charges can get while traveling abroad. If you aren't careful, your short and innocent phone calls back home, or quick map data downloads, can get into the hundreds and even thousands on your phone bill at the end of the month. That's why we are shining a spotlight on Roamer - an app whose sole purpose is to let you make calls on the cheap while roaming beyond the border, yet still use your current phone number at that.

As most such apps work, Roamer requires that you set up call forwarding to the set service number. When abroad, you can enter Roamer, call a number, and you will get a callback, connecting you to the desired contact you tried to dial at charges that are many times less than the official roaming rate of your carrier. You can also receive calls on your number for the nominal fee, or call using a local internet connection, which results in even lower prices.

Granted, these shenanigans aren't supported in all countries and all carriers, but most of the major destinations are covered, so you can make calls to mobiles in Europe for as little as a few cents per minute. You can also obtain and use a local prepaid SIM card, which will make the service more reliable and as a side effect will allow for affordable local calling, too.

Developer: Roamer SIADownload: Android, iOS (v4.0.2)
Category: Travel & LocalPrice: Free

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