Reviews for GrubHub app come crashing down as a response to the CEO's internal memo about Donald Trump

Reviews for GrubHub app come crashing down as a response to the CEO's internal memo about Donald Tru
GrubHub is one of the best apps out there for ordering food through your smartphone, but right now, the company has a more burning issue to deal with than hot pizza. The presidential election took place in the United States this past Tuesday, and as all of you have heard by now, the country's new president-elect is Mr. Donald Trump. This election has certainly been the craziest we've ever seen, and as such, it's ruffled a few feathers - one of those being the feathers of GrubHub's CEO Matt Maloney.

Throughout the election, there's been a case surrounding the Trump campaign that his supporters spread messages of hate and violence. Agree or disagree, some people feel this way and some people don't. Matt Maloney is one person that feels the Trump campaign has been filled with hateful words and actions, and shortly following the election that took place on November 8, he sent an internal memo to all of GrubHub's employees with the message that the company as a whole would not stand for the hate being spread from the campaign.

However, here's where things get incredibly complicated. In the email that Maloney sent out, part of it reads, "If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here." If you read that and think it sounds like Maloney is asking his employees that voted for Trump to resign, then you'd be right along the lines of a lot of other people who've read this message. Maloney reiterated on the fact that he didn't mean this at all, and that he was referring to the fact that GrubHub as a whole would "fight for your dignity and your right to make a better life for yourself and your family here in the United States."

As much damage control as Maloney has tried to do since this news broke, it doesn't appear to be enough. Many users have taken to the Apple App Store to give the GrubHub app 1-star reviews with the hashtag "#boycottgrubhub." At the time of this writing, the GrubHub app currently has a star rating of 1 1/2 out of 5, with users saying things like, "Worst company ever!", "Not a company to do business with", and "Mat Maloney step down." Maloney posted a press release on the GrubHub website saying that the company has not and will not ever discriminate an employee because of their political or any other beliefs, but this looks to be one wildfire that has simply gotten out of the company's hands.

source: GrubHub via The Verge

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